New Hampshire, USA

Manchester, New Hampshire USA

2021 Hobby Etc racing


Hobby Etc.
140 Hayward St
Manchester NH 03103


Weather permitting, racing is every Saturday through the spring, summer, and fall. Track opens for practice at 8am, and racing starts at 1pm. Registration closes at 12:30pm.

Entry Fee:

There is no charge for entry. This will change as our facilties improve, but as of now, there is no charge.


All our race and practice session results are published at LiveRC.com.

What do I need?

  • An RC car or truck
  • MyLaps transponder Any transponder we carry will work. These transponders work at nearly all the other tracks in the USA.
  • Signed waiver on file. These are available in the store.
  • Table, chair, and a DC charger. Power and pit space is limited. Bring a folding table and chair.
  • Positive attitude Don't be the one who makes us create a rule. We're all here to have fun, meet with old friends, and make some new friends.

Basic rules:

Our rules mirror R.O.A.R. regulations.  Here are some important highlights:


LiPo batteries need to be treated safely.  Excessive charge rates and over-voltage charging are not safe.  Fireproof charging containers are a big part of safe operation.  LiPo batteries should be “hard case”, and mounted securely in your model.

1:10 scale classes are restricted to 7 cell NiMh or 2 cell LiPo

1:8 scale classes may not use more than 4 LiPo cell packs.


Sorry, no nitro.

We would like to have at least five vehicles to run a class.  Participation will dictate how classes are divided by motor size. We can add or remove classes as needed.

  • 1:10 Two Wheel Drive Buggy
  • 1:10 Four Wheel Drive Buggy
  • 1:8 E-Buggy
  • 1:8 E-Truggy
  • 1:10  Two Wheel Drive Short Course
  • 1:10  Four Wheel Drive Short Course
  • Silver 7

If your electric car doesn't fit into one of these classes, we will not turn you away from racing.  We’ll work to find a “best match” class to run in.

Silver 7 class:

The Silver 7 class is our entry level class.   This class is an easy and inexpensive way to try RC racing.

  • Any 1:10 or 1:8 scale "Hobby Shop grade" RC car or truck.  This is not for department store, or toy store type models.  Cars made by (but not limited to) Arrma, Associated, HPI, Kyosho, Losi, Redcat, Tamiya, or Traxxas are great candidates.
  • Any 7 cell or less NiMh or NiCd battery pack
  • Any closed end bell 540 or 550 brushed motor.  These are the motors that come installed in nearly every Ready-To-Run RC car or truck.  These are 36mm in diameter and have ⅛ inch shafts with bronze oilite bushings.  Modifications are prohibited.
  • Buy-out: Subject to the aproval of the race director, the winner of the A-Main must sell his or her car, as run, (minus transmitter and Transponder) to anyone finishing in the A-Main who protests for $325.  The intention of this rule is to discourage entrants from buying expensive racing equipment to compete in a beginner environment. This price reflects the price of a good RTR model, and a set of racing tires and wheels. This is also a stepping stone to getting into a more sophisticated race car.