New Hampshire, USA

Manchester, New Hampshire USA

information: questions

Q: If I don't see it listed on the web, do you have it?
A: Our web site is written dynamically by our inventory database. Most parts we have are listed online before we actually have it in hand.

Q: How many parts do I need to buy before I can get a discount?
A: No matter how many parts you buy, we will not offer a discount. Since we sell parts both direct to you, and through a large dealer network, we must protect our dealers interests. If you would like to pester your local dealer, you may be able to get a discount. (we do not endorse or encourage this)

Q: What is an Alloy?
A: An alloy is a mix of more than one metal.

Q: What is Delrin?
A: A type of high perfomance machinable plastic made by Dupont.

Q: Can I pay with PayPal?
A: Sure! Durring check-out, there will be a PayPal option.

Q: I just had a huge wreck and bent my parts. Can I get new ones for free?
A: No. If your parts are damaged in use, they cannot be returned. If a Hot Racing, Xspede, or Hobby Etc brand part failed because it was defective, we are happy to take it back and get you a replacement.

Q: I Just placed an order, and I would like to add more items to it. Can you add them together for me?
A: If we are having a slow day, we can sometimes do this. Unfortunately, most days we pack between 800 and 2,000 orders. This volume makes it impossible for us to match up two orders.

Q: Can I pay using COD?
A: No.